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The Medalia Advantage

Why buy from MedaliaArt

  1. We have been selling Caribbean art on-line since 1996.
  2. 7 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.
  3. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Emails are usually answered within an hour. We value your concerns and respect your need for a timely answer.
  4. Monthly specials and "secret specials" throughout our site.
  5. Whenever possible we buy directly from the artist - The artist make more, you save more!
  6. We offer exclusive sales and special offers for registered guests. You are not required to register to browse or buy from our website.
  7. Authenticity guaranteed. We stand behind everything that we sell. Many pieces we buy directly from the artist. When buying from third parties, we are very careful to make sure that there are no misrepresentations. Art forgery is becoming a big business. Know your source! Please see our blog!
  8. Lay-a-way plans available for those who want to commit but whose budget is saying "not now."
  9. Custom quality framing at a very reasonable cost for those paintings not already framed.
  10. We are happy to handle special requests! Please call or email us with your requests for specific artists, styles or whatever it is you are looking for. Our aim is to locate the piece that meets your needs and desires.
  11. For our International Visitors - We ship world-wide. Our carrier of choice is the US Postal Service. It is fast, efficient and low cost. Now receiving packages from the US doesn't have to be expensive. (We will, of course, use the carrier of your choice, if you prefer.)

Secret Specials!

Look carefully when you view our galleries! We have placed a selection of paintings on sale. These paintings are not part of our regular advertised specials, nor will they stay on special for very long! We will be changing them often - so keep on checking our galleries. You never know what you may find.

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The following are some comments from our customers:

Joan writes:
Thanks so much for all your help with my recent purchase. You really understood what I was looking for! The painting is stunning and I can't stop looking at it.
LP writes:
So happy with my new painting! The colors are amazing, so vibrant. I can't wait to see more of your new Cuban art.
NK writes:
The painting just arrived and it is perfect! Your service was really excellent and the total buying experience was perfect. Looking forward to my next purchase.
JF writes:
My paintings arrived yesterday and I LOVE them! They were pretty on the net but they look so much more beautiful in person. I look forward to hanging them and getting to look at them every day. Thanks for your advice and fast service. I'll be back.
LR writes:
..You may be certain that I will truly enjoy them, along with all my other Haitian paintings. It was a great day for me when I logged onto your website the first time. Have bought all my paintings from you and have been so delighted with each and every one of them.
Brad writes:
I really appreciate all the time you took to help me with my selection. Thank you for such a wonderful shopping experience - I love my new painting!
J-C from France writes:
I use this opportunity to congratulate you about the choice you made regarding the  paintings you proposed all these years long. I look quite often at them, and take a great pleasure in visiting your site. It's like entering in a museum, except that it is a live one... Bravo Warren!
Gerri writes:
I just received my new painting and I am so pleased. It looks even better in real life than it did on the net. Your great advice and fast service made my whole experience a pleasure - thank you!
Andrew writes:
Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I am very glad to hear that the painting is still availableãI will be looking forward to receiving it. It's always a pleasure dealing with your companyãit seems you genuinely care about both the artists and the customers!
Jean-Claude writes:
Magnifique...! Thanks for your quick action. It's a pleasure to deal with you. I will continue to look at your mailing with great interest.
Karin writes:
I have just opened it and am THRILLED with what's inside!!! The painting is so very lush and lyrical--much more resonating than the photo sent earlier. I can't wait to hang it! I'm so delighted that you managed to find such a lovely and original Bresil painting. Good job!
Gregor writes:
We got the painting from our customs postal office and we just love it! The photo on your web page did not do it justice. It is going to look fabulous on our dining room wall. In addition, the customs tax is only 8.5% for artwork instead of usual 20%, so I am very pleased with the whole thing. I'd also like to thank you for your very professional attitude and business ethics. I shall certainly recommend your gallery to  my firends. I hope to do business with you again.
Terry writes:
Hope you had a fabulous Holiday and are looking forward to a prosperous 2012! I wanted to write and thank you again for all of your help regarding the two Gerard Fortune paintings which my wife absolutely adored. Therefore, it goes w/out saying that we will not be returning any paintings. In fact when we can afford it, we would love to consider the purchase of additional paintings in the future. Have a great year and thank you again. Hope to speak with you soon.
Melinda writes:
I have been meaning to write to thank you for the wonderful pen and ink by Eric Girault. I just love it and am so proud to have one of his pieces. What a splendid artist and you two are special for showing these pieces. You are sharing his work with another generation. What a great job you do. I spend a lot of time admiring my Haitian art collection and most of it came from the two of you. It really means a lot to me. Thank you both for the good work you do. Have a blessed holiday season.
Renee writes:
The Ayala painting arrived today and it is beautiful! I am looking forward to having it framed. Thank you for the prompt shipment. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Dennis writes:
Without question, the best Haitian art site on the net...thanks for the quick delivery and thanks for all your help with making my decision.
Marie writes:
Thank you very much for your prompt response. I did receive all the paintings. Great doing business with a company that has GREAT customer service.
Pat writes:
Great Service! I ordered 2 days ago and my beautiful new painting arrived today. Thanks!
James writes:
I received my paintings and they are everything and more than what I was expecting. To me, one with an untrained eye, Wilhem Berrouet is one artist with a world of talent. If ever more painting by him become available keep me in mind. And just as important to me was the service, even with me ordering them during your vacation you kept up to date with what was going on. As soon as you came back my paintings were out to me. I can't thank you enough and I wish you continual success. Your patron for life.
Jim writes:
The Bigaud was delivered this morning. What speed! Great packing job which took me some time to get to the innards and the painting. Arrived in great shape, no nicks, scratches or the like on frame or painting. The latter is a wonderful addition to my collection and the frame is much more beautiful than I expected to see. It certainly adds to and enhances the presentation of the painting. Thanks for your helping to make this a great acquisition for me.
KW writes:
Received the painting today - it's beautiful! Thank you so much for taking the time on the phone to help a new collector.
Jared writes:
The Ferreiras' arrived safe and sound. Am very pleased with them and can't wait to get them home, stretched, framed and on the walls.
JM writes:
I just received this painting today. I absolutely love it!! What a nice, quality work. I would never have been able to afford it without the "layaway". To be truthful, I have been enjoying your website for 2 years, but have not bought anything. It was a leap of faith to purchase unknown, not sure how you all did business, but I am
NS writes:
Subject: RE: Salazar painting we recently purchased. Hi Warren: Just want to let you know that we picked up the painting from our frame shop, hung it several days ago and we love it, as do most who have seen it. Please let us have first shot on any additional works by the artist when they become available, - particularly a larger format. Several friends who saw the painting and have requested that I forward your web site URL to them!
Veronika writes:
Hi Warren, I just wanted you to know that the Jean Idelus Edme painting arrived last wednesday. It's wonderful and I enjoy it so much. Thanks again for your great service. I wish you a nice weekend.
PC, (England) writes:
Paintings received safe and sound.Thanks for the usual high standard of service.
MFB writes:
Thank you so much for all your help with my recent purchase. As a new collector I really needed help narrowing down my choices to something that met both my taste and my wallet. The painting I chose is really gorgeous and I can't believe I was able to get such a large, impressive painting for such a reasonable amount. I still have a lot of walls to go...I will be back.
Elsie (delighted customer) writes:
I intend to purchase some more paintings from "Cetout" in the future, his style / subject matter and color sure capture my interest and taste! He is a great artist and I want him to know that his talent is greatly appreciated. keep me in your mailing list for specials.
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