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No returns accepted without prior authorization.


Are the paintings framed?

Our paintings are sold in a variety of ways:. Paintings (on canvas) are usually shipped unframed and rolled. Some paintings will be framed. When a painting is framed it will be clearly noted in the description. We do not custom frame paintings larger than 20x24 due to problems with shipping. Sometimes the artist will choose to sell the painting framed regardless of size. When this happens, it will be clearly noted.


This is an example of the
frame that we might use.

When we frame a painting we use a variety of simple gold frames. When we display a painting framed we are showing you a typical frame that we might use, not the exact frame. The frame that we actually use will be very similar. The price of the painting includes the frame.

Framed by Artist

When an artist chooses to frame a piece he will choose a frame that he thinks best complements his work. When possible we will display the painting framed. We will not always know in advance what the frame looks like.

Custom Framing

If you choose to buy a painting that is unframed we can have it framed for you. We will frame it for you in a gold frame, similar to the example on the left. This takes about 10 days to do. Prices for framing are as follows:

Frame Pricing
Size Cost
8x10 $85
10x12 $95
11x14 $100
12x16 $120
12x24 $135
16x20 $135
18x24 $170
20x24 $180

other sizes available on request



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International Shipping

Our experience with the US Postal Service has proven that is fast, efficient, AND economical. We recommend that you choose to ship your purchase via this service.
We have prepared this chart to show you the approximate costs via the the US Postal Service and DHL. It clearly illustrates that international shipping doesn't have to cost a fortune and can be fast and efficient!
These figures are based on shipping up to 3 paintings at a time, rolled into a single container. The prices do not include insurance, which varies by country and price of artwork. They also do not include any duty that might be assessed by your country.

Country DHL US Postal Service
All prices listed below are DO NOT include Insurance.
For a firm quote please email us.
  2-4 days 3-5 days
Canada $120-$130 $21-43
Great Britain, France, Germany $130-$150 $34-$58
Spain, Switzerland $130-$150 $34-$58
South/Central America $150-$165 $36-$59
Middle East $160-$175 $33-$66
Far East $160-$175 $32-$56
Australia $140-$160 $32-$56
Please check with your local customs office regarding duty and taxes.

This is just to give you a general idea and is not a firm quote. If your country is not listed, or you are ready to buy and want the actual cost please email us with your specifics and we will contact you with the information.

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