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Homerun (Carrera) by Gustabo


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See the latest market scene ("An Exhausted Donkey") from Claude Dambreville.

He remarks:

"At 84 years old, me too, I am tired, and I would like to retire. But I do not want to disappoint my numerous admirers. I know they are expecting so much more from me.

As a matter of fact, to stop painting would give me an infinite sadness. This incomparable art is for me an adorable mistress to whom I am unable to give the slip. Even if my three most important fingers, those which hold my brushes, are painful and horribly deformed by arthritis, I feel forced to obey all the whims of this demanding mistress.

I hope that all my fans will get real enjoyment out of this newborn splendid market scene. A big thanks to them, for their attachment to my works.

Prices on all paintings by Isidoro Tejeda have been reduced - and on sale!

⇒ Joumou Soup ("Pumpkin Soup") from Claude Dambreville.

He remarks:

"JOUMOU Soup: Culinary TRADITION (Pumpkin Soup)
Joumou soup is a traditional Haitian soup made of giraumont, beef and pasta (spaghetti or macaroni or a bit of both). This dish symbolizes the rebellion and ultimately the overthrow of the French colonial powers, because according to the little story, the slaves were forbidden to eat soup. Thus, since January 1, 1804, Haitian Independence Day, eating this soup has remained a tradition to celebrate Independence Day. All Haitian families are preparing and sharing it, representing not only freedom and victory against oppression, but also the sharing and union that have been necessary to conquer this cherished independence. Although it has a special meaning for Haitians, several variations of this soup are found in Caribbean and Latin American cuisine. (Translation of a French text by Guetchine Alexis).
It is in this culinary tradition that Claude Dambreville took his inspiration to paint "SOUP JOUMOU", a tremendous still life."

Prices on all paintings by Roger Francois on sale!
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