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From time to time we will present to you information about things relating to the Caribbean and Latin America, its art and its culture. We hope that you find these pieces interesting. If you know of a new art exhibit, a book or a movie that would interest other Caribbean and Latin American art lovers, please let us know. We would be glad to include your information on this page.

Discover the Save a Museum Art Show

From Here To Haiti Art Show

Join us at the From Here to Haiti Annual Art Show Fundraiser on Saturday and Sunday, January 23 and 24, 2016

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Place: 1446 Utopia Parkway, Whitestone, NY 11357

Collector's Preview reception on Friday, January 22nd from 6 to 8.
Hosted by United Haitian Artists.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Artwork to Save a Museum - Musée d'Art Haitien

36 paintings were sold at the Save A Museum Exhibit/Sale held last September at the Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba.  A heartfelt thank you to all those who, in numerous ways, made it both memorable and successful. 

The net proceeds of $31,000.00 was sent to the Musée d'Art Haitien via bank transfer. It will help start its repair, but a total of $220,000.00 is needed.  Can you help us achieve that goal?  Do you know someone who can help us achieve that goal?  Paintings are available in several price ranges.  All were donated by artists and collectors.  All are original.  All net proceeds will be used to repair the museum. The paintings available can be seen at the Toussaint Louverture Cultural Foundation Inc. site

Also available on the site is the Hector Hyppolite book. Sales of the book have so far raised $5,500.00 that will be used to restore the paintings damaged by the earthquake.

Help the Musee d'Art Haitien

You can help the Musee d'Art Haitien by ordering a copy of the "Save A Museum" catalog. The 52 pages, full color, 8.5"x 11" catalog has pictures of all the paintings donated to raise funds for the repair of the museum, biographical notes about the artists and essays by Dr Lerebours and Bishop Voegeli's nieces. You can order it here.

Help Haiti

From Here to Haiti

From Here to HaitiFrom Here To Haiti, LTD. is a not-for-profit organization which seeks to raise funds to benefit the people of Haiti by repairing non govermental public places. Our current project is Marie Reine Imaculee Catholic Church Les Abricots, a town in the southern part of Haiti.

contact us via e-mail:
Phone: 718-746-3012 - 646-209-3891
Fax: 718-746-2117

Toussaint Louverture Cultural Foundation Inc.

To preserve the national cultural heritage is everybody's duty

Toussaint Louverture Cultural Foundation IncThe Toussaint Louverture Cultural Foundation is a not for profit corporation established to promote Haitian culture, stimulate artistic creativity, and help restore Haiti’s cultural heritage. One of its goals is to raise funds for the repair of the Musée d’Art Haitien du Collège St Pierre which was severely damaged by the 2010 earthquake and is still closed to the public.
In 2013, the Foundation organized a Call for Art Donation to gather a Save A Museum Collection. In an historic show of solidarity Haitian artists and collectors donated more than 80 paintings.

Artwork from more than 50 artists in a wide range of prices are still available. The styles are diverse, ranging from figurative art to constructivism and to Art Informel; from naive to avant-garde art.

Net proceeds from sales of these paintings will be used for the repair of the Musee d'Art Haitien.

Friends of FOKAL Website

FokalFOKAL, the Soros Foundation in Haiti, has been in operation for more than a decade.

In 2006, Mr. George Soros mandated that we try to diversify our source of funding and partners, and hence, we created Friends of FOKAL. We are happy to announce that the website for Friends of FOKAL is fully operational, allowing us to accept contributions online in support of the wonderful work that FOKAL is doing in Haiti. We urge you to visit the site at and to share it with friends and associates who may have a soft spot for Haiti.

Art Creation Foundation For Children

Art Creation Foundation for ChildreArt Creation Foundation for Children is a non-profit arts organization created for education and personal growth of children in need in Jacmel, Haiti, founded in 2003.  ACFFC is a grassroots project with realistic goals. We can not change the world.  We CAN, however, change the lives of the children we serve.  Nothing is easy in Haiti. Despite this, we succeed!

Wings of Hope

wings of hopeIn 1985, Michael Geilenfeld, a former Brother with Mother Theresa’s Brothers of Charity, started a small home for five boys to bring them off the streets and offer them a Christian family life. Twenty years later there are now three homes serving more than 60 children. Graduates from the first home, St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, run a home for disabled children called Wings of Hope outside Port-au-Prince and a home for young boys called Trinity House in a small coastal town.

To send donation:
Hearts with Haiti
708 McCulloch Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

Friends of the Children of Haiti

In an impossible situation ...
... Friends of the Children of Haiti works impossible miracles.

friends of haiti

Friends of the Children of Haiti is a bold, all-volunteer, non-profit organization whose medical missions bring healing and hope to thousands of Haitians each year. Moreover, Friends of the Children of Haiti has pulled off a rarity: In a country that disdains and discourages foreign ownership of land, the organization has built its own clinic facility, which stands ready to serve Haitians year-round.

Hôpital Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer HospitalHôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) is an integrated system of health care that provides hospital treatment and public health and development programs for the 278,000 impoverished people of the Artibonite Valley in Haiti. HAS relies on monetary help from its "partner organizations" for approximately 50% of the annual operating budget and is staffed by both Haitian and visiting medical professionals.

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