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From our Haitian art collection

La Desente Erzulie (Mother of the Trinity) by Frantz Zephirin

Frantz's explanation: Erzulie, the mother of the Trinity is pictured in the center of this piece. She takes center stage because without her there would be no Trinity! In her core is the egg, complete with a fetus. The mouth is there to ask the question “how did life start”? Frantz says that the first spirit is is not a man, it is a woman because man can’t be born by themselves. Notice the blue eyes (for observation) and the water has sperm in it. Over Erzulie’s right shoulder is the Trinity - The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Over her left shoulder is the universe.

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La Desente Erzulie (Mother of the Trinity)
Frantz Zephirin

country of origin: Haiti
16x20 inches (41x51cm)
acrylic on canvas
painted 2010

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