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Artist from Haiti - Jean David Boursiquot

Jean David Boursiquot

(1949- ) Born in Jacmel, Haiti

Jean David Boursiquot was born in Jacmel, Haiti on June 26, 1949. He is a soft-spoken man with a wonderful smile.

As a child, he was always fascinated with drawing and painting and his earliest pieces are some sketches. read more

Never having had any formal art training, Jean David considers himself a "self taught" artist. Boursiquot's works are known for their bright colors, lush vegetation and depiction of everyday life in rural Haitian villages His work is full of bright reds, greens and pinks. Some of his newer pieces have deep purples and blues. His canvases are covered with children playing, young men strumming guitars, wedding scenes and forests filled with lavishly colored trees. In many of his works you will find stone bridges that he paints with incredible detail. His bold colors accentuate his attention to detail, whether it is the leaves on the trees or the stones on the bridges. He paints everyday Haitian scenes; landscapes, country houses, people going to market, beaches, and weddings-whatever else captures his imagination. We were fortunate to get a glimpse of a new style that he is introducing. It is more geometric and less naif in nature. Jean David says that he "paints from his head". "Whatever is in my mind I begin to sketch and paint."

Jean David Boursiquot has become an internationally known artist who has exhibited in USA, Canada, Europe and Mexico. He is an intense artist who creates his paintings in his mind and spends hours transferring those images to the canvas. Every painting is a reflection of a part of his soul. It is very common for him to return to a canvas after months or even years and add or change details in order to make it "perfect!" Jean is a very sensitive and warm artist who is quite emotionally attached to every one of his pieces. His wonderful sense of humor is reflected in all his works. Today, he lives with his wife Giselle, his childhood sweetheart, in Connecticut. It was in his hometown of Jacmel that Jean David met his wife, Gisele. Gisele is one of five sisters. She humorously tells the story of the many hours he spent in her home and when he decided to get married he pursued the oldest sister who wasn't available, so he pursued the next in line who also wasn't available and then he pursued her! Laughingly she says, "If I would have said no, he would have gone after my younger sister!" They were married in 1979. The couple has two children, Rubens and Gildade. Rubens was named after the French artist who happens to be Jean's favorite artist. We are honored that we've had the opportunity to visit with Jean and Giselle on many occasions and share their exuberance for his work.

Jean David expresses his creativity not only in painting but in music as well. He "tinkers" at the piano. Most of his painting is done between 5:00 am and 9:00 am. During the day he works as a home care aide. However, his real love is his art. He believes that, "it is a gift from God. This is my thing, nobody can take it away from me. I can never be fired!"

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