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Custom Portraits

Personal Portraits by Patricia Brasil

MedaliaArtCreate a Unique Memory!

Send us a photo/photos of you, your family, your best friend or loved one and Patricia Brasil will create a one-of-a-kind painting for you. She has the knack for capturing the essence of the character in the faces that she paints. This example of her work is from a photo of Medalia's Warren & Ruth on vacation. Notice how, in this painting, she emphasized the slogan "life is good," bringing a warmth to the finished product, MedaliaArtyet remaining true to the original. All of her portraits are done in her signature style of not allowing color to define the characters. Her palette consists of bright primary and secondary colors and her skin tones are ones NEVER found in nature.

This is a perfect way to:

make a family portrait
commemorate a special event - think of graduation portrait, christening, anniversary
present as a gift - think engagement/wedding, special birthday, holiday
honor your favorite pet

Interested in getting started?

Send us a photo or photos and include any special instructions that you may have. The prices are as follows:

Large - 13x15.75 inches (33x40cm) - $625
Small - 6x6 inches (15x15cm) - $500

Once we receive your order we will send you a link for payment processing thru our secure server.

Please note that these are special orders and take time to process. Allow 3-4 weeks to receive your custom painting. Note that all orders are final.

Please have Patricia Brasil create a unique portrait for me using the images I will email to you.


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