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Paul B. Saint-Aime

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Born in Haiti

Brightness and Serenity

Paul B. Saint-Aimé, born in Haiti, immigrated to the United States in 1993 where he worked in insurance and for the Human Resource Administration of New York, continuing a career in private and public services that begun many years ago in his native country.

Once arriving in America, Paul began to develop his painting, something he had been doing as a hobby since his childhood. He creates vibrantly colored Haitian landscapes in oil recalling from memory and from sketches. While living in the United States he branched out to explore other styles, including portrait, still life, caricatures, animal and houses, working in oil and mostly acrylic on canvas.

He studied at the famed Salmagundi Club in New York City. In 2008, he was among the award winners for his outstanding artwork “The Three Horsemen” at a contest organized by this renowned art house. His most recent event took place in the hall of Saint Joseph Parish Life Center, in Oradell, New Jersey: an art exhibit that lasted over three months from April to July 2013 and that attracted countless visitors and collectors.

Paul often considers painting as a precious resort that affords him moments of evasion and serenity amid life’s troubles and upheavals. Many of his most serene paintings are dedicated to the memory of his late wife; others honor his hope and dreams for a vibrant revival of his native land.

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