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DambrevilleClaude Dambreville

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 (1934 - )
Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Claude Dambreville is one of the most internationally renowned popular contemporary Haitian artists. This incredibly talented man leads a quiet life with his wife in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Not only does he paint but he is the author of 100 tales and short stories. Dambreville studied painting at the school ABC in Paris, at the Art Center (in 1968), and with his father in-law, the late famous Haitian artist Petion Savain. Dambreville's paintings are very appealing for two basic reasons; the profound interior peace that they provide and the charming daydreaming effect that they create. Very attracted by the effect of light, he uses it to reduce the volume and limit the space. He is best know for painting women, long white silhouettes or gray blue, selling their products in country markets. The turbans, caps and baskets contrast the pastels with their bright color, adding balance to the composition. The vertical ascending lines, created by the draped bodies and dresses, create structure and calm. Recently he has been painting many compositions depicting children, men and women together and even men alone. He has also added faces to his silhouettes, adding a new dimension of expression to his work. His color palette has expanded, as well; allowing greens and yellows to dominate the canvas. The strong personality of this modern day master, his total independence, and his overwhelming humanity become apparent in all his paintings. It is easy to understand why so many are infatuated with the works of Claude Dambreville.

Who is Claude Dambreville? Why not hear it from the man himself?

”I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, on December 17, 1934. Obviously, I am Sagittarian. They say that people born under that sign are generally happy and are always in a good mood. This describes me perfectly. I've always looked on the bright side of things. The fact that my occupations (painting and writing) are both relaxing and passionate, provide me everyday with great serenity.

I had a happy childhood with my older brother and three older sisters. After high school, I majored in something that was never any use to me: accounting. My parents wanted me to work for a bank, but I never wanted to work away from home. I dreamed only of painting and writing, which I could do without leaving the house.

In fact, I have done just that all my life. I have written novels, news bulletins, and columns for newspapers. I have also painted everyday both for myself and for my numerous admirers throughout the world. I take great pride in the fact that my paintings can be found in a large number of homes and public places such as banks, insurance companies and travel agencies throughout the world.

I have exhibited my creations in all the major cities in Europe and America, and they are part of prestigious collections. For the past couple of years, I have been living in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, where I continue to paint and write.

I am certainly well known for my market scenes and my models dressed in white, but I am not limited to that theme. I also take pleasure in many other themes which I have the honor of presenting to you in this website.”

He is a very versatile artist who also enjoys painting nudes, seascapes, portraits and especially musicians. You can find examples of his different styles in our Dambreville Gallery, including a special section devoted to his Musicians paintings.

Dambreville has enjoyed many years of notoriety internationally. His paintings are too sophisticated to be classified among the naive ones. He is an exceptional painter, Haitian by birth, by heart and by sensitivity. He initially exhibited in the Center of Art, Port-au-Prince, in 1969. Afterwards his exhibits were in New York, Haiti (Museum of Art Haitian, and the National Museum), Boston, Paris, Strasbourg and Mexico. The collectors of the world appreciate his work, with its peaceful sensitivity.

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